“We hope “Our Transylvanian Heath’”gives the listeners the same experience we received from the village musicians we consider our masters – and as much joy from these tunes as we felt while playing them.”
Péter Árendás

The Transylvanian Heath is an emblematic region, in a way the cradle, of the Táncház movement. Tükrös members have been frequent guests in the region since their formative years to the present, and met many of the legendary musicians famed for their mastery and original style. The album bears the imprint of Tükrös’s encounters with bands from Magyarpalatka, Magyarszovát, Szék, Bonchida, Nagysajó and Kolozs; and the joy of making music together with them.

“The folk music of the Transylvanian Heath (Mezőség) is not a simple matter either for the musicians or for the audience. It can be elemental if the performer conveys all the nuances that have been polished over the centuries; but can also make us uneasy if the performance is confined to a rough approximation of tunes and rhythms. We certainly aim for the former, basing our play on irreplaceable first-hand experiences: we were able to learn the essence of playing folk music personally from our musical role models. ”

Soldier Songs
Music of Forests and Waters
Great Plain

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